rodeo in town

silver buckles
and a turquoise sky
and a smoky pickup
waiting in line
and the ring would be dusty-
ah but they’d be hosing her down…
too hot too see you
and the rodeo’s in town.

Well the buffalo roam these plains
in back of burger vans
and dream catchers glitter
under market brands
so I bought myself a coke
and it was sweaty in my hands
and they were playing desperado
as I climbed into the stands.

I’ve wasted so much precious time
processing losses
the little things somebody said…
counting crosses-
so why wouldn’t you find me
just another clown
providing a distraction
while the rodeo’s in town?

Do you think of me sometimes
when you tie back your hair
and you feel the crowd waiting
but there’s nobody there
and the west isn’t real
its just family fun
and broncos are sweltering
in the blistering sun?

I recall your kerchief,
how it felt upon my face-
like the lilacs in springtime
on the old home place
and how we found a river
while they tore it all down
and I think about you in my room
when the rodeo’s in town.


more to come

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