Cowboy in the hall

I had a show in the gallery in my home town last summer.

This was gratifying on a lot of levels because it was well receiveded among people who’d known me all my life but had never seen much of my work because I don’t show much. I basically deal out the studio door to patient and steady clients I’ve had a while, tasteful sorts I like to think, but they might be as crazy as I am, wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

There was a big turnout of locals and city friends, at least one of everything and they all got along. I was treated well. I’d like to thank the local papers  and  each of the gallery people for  trusting me not to embarrass the hell out of them, especially Gail Burstyn, right on time. The white convertible was a nice touch, Patty O’stone. To  everyone connected with the ranch I just have to nod to gratefully, here’s to future rooms.  Sarah Vance in that hot dress.  Warren not in his. Earl for never an explanation. Most especially Sean Lee. Courage in the face of love.

I want to thank Joyce Grant at Writer’s Ink for the space and push, always. R.

If you click the image above it’ll take you to a gallery.

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