I recently did a sort of photo-essay for nomorepotlucks.org in Canada, a piece about being a rural artist. While going through photos I was trying to learn the saddest song I ever heard,  Buddy Miller’s “Chalk”,  playing it over and over with Patty Griffin howling away in the background. I tossed  some photos into software, just dickin around with the idea of what a gay country and western video might look like without horses or Dolly Parton etc. or spurs even. This is sort of a storyboard experiment, bit of a vague narrative but nothing to do with life,  I just don’t photograph many people and I used the unsubs I had on generous file.  Not a song I’d want to sing to anybody or have sung to me and perhaps therein is the charm. Bit of adult content, just grip the arms of yer chair and curl your precious toes.

Memory Hoarding: An Interview with Rocky Green

Rocky Green | M-C MacPhee
Here is a link to my friend Bill Batten’s blog.
He works in chalk.

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